Watertown, Tennessee – (615) 945-8576

My services include Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, Puppy Education and Behavior Modification.  I provide my services thru Private Lessons or in Residential Training Programs.

Private Lessons are conducted at your home and consist of me instructing the owner/handler on how to train their dog themselves.  Lessons are tailored to the specific goals of the owner and the special needs of the dog.

My Residential Training Programs consist of the dog staying at my residence, where it will receive it’s training.  Keeping the dog in my residence rather than a kennel allows me to spend more time to obedience train and re-enforce behaviors appropriate for living indoors.  Upon returning home the owner/handler is taught leash handling and proper use of commands.

All of my services begin with a Behavior Consult/Evaluation of dog and owner to help establish the needs of the dog(s) and the goals of the owner.

A Behavior Consult/Evaluation will help access your dog’s need for Obedience Training and/or Behavior Modification.  I will then recommend and/or design a Training Program for you and your dog.