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Thomas Trevathan took my adult Fox Terrier for 21 days of training in mid May 2008.  “Button” left as an uncontrollable dog and returned the disciplined, sweet and happy joy of my life!  The enthusiasm Thomas shows in regards to his profession and the love of his clients well being made me confident I was getting the best!  It is so refreshing to speak with Thomas about his work because he is obviously very happy in it and cares deeply.  Thank you Thomas!

– Vicki Lambert


We cannot say enough about how wonderful Thomas is as a trainer and a person.  As two young working professionals we decided to expand our family with a newly adopted shelter dog.  Unfortunately, when we arrived home with Houston, a black lab mix, he was more than we could handle.  He was destructive in the home and in the yard, chewed everything in sight, and had profound separation anxiety.  We tried typical obedience classes and did our best to work with him but things were not improving.  At one point we almost returned Houston to the local shelter, but we felt he deserved a fair chance at a good home.  That’s when we called Thomas.  Thomas worked with us on the phone until he could come a few days later for our consultation.  His phone tips helped us survive until his consult visit, then he took Houston for his in-home program and worked with him for three weeks in his personal residence.  Houston arrived home a new dog!  He is now well behaved, obedient, and loving.  He is a pleasure to be around and accompanies us everywhere.  He is now excellent with kids and will make a wonderful family lab as our family continues to grow.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to Thomas and his family for taking Houston into their home.  I truly believe that Thomas saved Houston’s life and there is no price that I could ever put on that.

Jo and Marc Hayes


On our way to pick up our new puppies, my husband and I decided that the best thing we could possibly do for our dogs and ourselves would be to have them trained in obedience.  We began with Thomas’s puppy pre-school.  What a wonderful, information filled program.  From there we proceeded to a complete training package, which included on and off leash commands.

We are so much more than pleased with the outcome of the programs.  We have well behaved dogs that listen and obey and we feel comfortable taking them along when we visit friends and family.

We recommend Thomas to everyone we know and to all that ask when they meet our well-trained new family members.  Thanks Thomas!

MaryEllen & Will Roberts


Rosie was so full of mischief and energy!  But as a puppy she was easy enough to handle… then she started to grow (she now weighs 50 pounds)! And along with all that energy she became wild as a buck and VERY headstrong!  So much so that my 84 year old Daddy wanted me to have her put to sleep because she was just too much to handle!  I simply could NOT think of doing such a thing, and made an appointment with Thomas to come evaluate Rosie (and myself).

I had to fight against my own opinion that this dog had become a hopeless case!  But, by the end of the Basic Training course, Rosie is doing ALL of her commands, even OFF LEASH!   She comes when I call her, NOW! Not later!  I am just AMAZED at the fact that Rosie’s life has been saved by Thomas Trevathan’s expertise at handling and training dogs and their owners!

I cannot recommend Thomas Trevathan any more highly… he is certainly a Master of his art!

Rosie is now my pride and joy and goes with me literally EVERY WHERE that I go… she is extremely well behaved and everyone who meets her falls in love with her, too….

Thank you VERY much, Thomas!

Silvia Green


When our Scottish Terrier was 6 months old, my husband and I began searching for a trainer for Lucy.  I visited several training facilities in the Nashville area.  After many visits and calls, nothing seemed right.  A groomer recommended that I call Thomas.  After speaking with him in length, I knew I had found the right place for Lucy.  We made arrangements for Lucy’s training, and it was one of the best decisions we have made.  She now comes on command, sits, lays down, stays in her “place” until released, greets people appropriately, socializes with other dogs, and is a joy to spend time with on walks.  If you know anything about terriers, you know that they have a mind of their own and will run from you and only look back to say, “See ya!!”  I have called Thomas many times for training advice, and he always has time and gives the right direction to continue Lucy’s training.  Thanks, Thomas.

Chuck and Sherran Allen


This is a testimonial for a great trainer and a great dog.  I am a founding member of the Board of Directors for a companion animal rescue.  We formed in 2004.  Since then I’ve fostered over 200 dogs.  Although we try to place our rescues with dedicated owners we still have problems with returns.  It is my opinion that 100% of these dogs would not be returned if the adopter would have their pet trained by a professional trainer like Thomas.

I recently adopted a 130 lb Rottweiler.  Because of their reputation and the fact that I have a progressive neurological condition, I felt that I needed to have a professional train Otto.  Thomas took him for 28 days and transformed a great dog into an even greater dog. Thomas even noticed a cane in my home and trained Otto to heel for me left or right side when I must use my cane.

I can’t thank Thomas enough for what he did for Otto and me.

Mary Kane