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Watertown, Tennessee – (615) 945-8576

Welcome to my Website!  I am Thomas Trevathan; I provide obedience training and behavior consultations to dog owners throughout Middle Tennessee.  Let me help you assure that your dog truly is “Man’s Best Friend”.

I can help teach your dog to:

  • Come when called, on or off leash… EVERYTIME!
  • Sit and Down until released
  • Walk nicely on a loose leash without pulling
  • Be at it’s best behavior with company
  • Ignore even the most tempting distractions

I can also help teach your dog what NOT to do:

  • NOT to jump on people
  • NOT to dash through open doors
  • NOT to eat off counters
  • NOT to jump on furniture without your permission
  • NOT to bark excessively
  • NOT to dig and ruin your landscaping

I can help you provide your dog with the leadership it needs to be a happy and balanced companion. I can provide you with an effective and gentle way of communicating with your dog.